The Order of Masks

Infiltrate. Exploit. Destroy.

In the cut-throat Ravalian Court, alliances shift in a heartbeat and seduction is the prelude to murder. Only one thing is certain: not everyone will survive.

Circus performer Mira has spent her life on the run. She is determined to secure her future by competing in the deadly Trials and winning a place in one of the three magical royal Orders.

Princess Scarlett is fighting to withstand her half-brothers’ sinister ambitions and seize power. Mira is the opportunity she’s been waiting for – a dangerous outsider poised to cleave apart the very foundations of the Court.

As Mira and Scarlett navigate a glittering world of magic, court intrigue and forbidden romances, they must decide if they are co-conspirators or rivals in a bloody bid for the throne. Will they sacrifice everything – even their own lovers – for power and revenge?


Fourth Wing meets Throne of Glass, THE ORDER OF MASKS is a dark romantasy filled with forbidden love, morally grey characters, magic and deadly court politics. Available for pre-order now.


Character Art

Character art is coming soon

Character Art Sketch

Artwork by Salome Totladze

Promotional Art

Promotional Art